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How To Find The Cheapest Airfare Deal



Here are some lesser known and best quick tips for able-bodied and disabled travelers to help you find the cheapest airfare deal for your next flight. Today airfares are constantly changing in a dramatic way. When it comes to finding and getting the best deals, knowing how the air travel game works will make you a super shopper whether for business travel, personal or vacation travel.


One assumes that discount airlines always have the lowest fares. But that's not always the case. While these low cost carriers can bring you some big savings, they don't always offer you the lowest airfares. When you're comparing prices from the various carriers you don't want to forget to check out the airlines' individual Web sites. Many times the airlines' Web sites offer much better deals than the discount travel Web sites.


Make sure to calculate fees and taxes for your airfaire. Before you book your flight, make sure your air fare includes all the necessary fees and taxes. If your fare doesn't include the fees and taxes, you may not actually be booking the least expensive airfare available.


Fees and taxes have always been part of the cost for air travel.  Airline and government-imposed charges have risen sharply over the recent years, especially for international flights. Increasing fuel prices, fuel surcharges and security fees have made airline travel much more expensive.  This can sometimes add up to more than the cost of your base ticket price, believe it or not.


Sometimes the closest airport to your home base does not offer the lowest airfares. Consider flying out of another airport that's within an easy drive.  Check the rates at any of the alternative airports. Depending on the airfare, it may be worth it to travel an extra hour or two to the airport to save you hundreds of dollars.


Fees will vary by Web site. The most popular travel Web sites differ widely in their airfares. Each travel Web site negotiates the best deals with the carriers and often has exclusive hot deals. Be sure to check the major travel Web sites as well as individual airline sites.


Airfares are a constantly moving target, with rates changing as much as several times a day. Ticket sales don’t usually last long. If you want to find the best airline deal for your business travel, personal travel or vacation travel, you'll need to shop around.


Many people don't know that their computer may be preventing them from getting the newest and last minute travel deals.  Most Web sites use 'cookies', which are the text files that are placed on your hard drive by a Web page server. They tell the server that you have returned to a specified page and to go ahead and retrieve the information they have about you. This does simplify the process of recording any personal information you've divulged, such as billing addresses, but it also tracks the results that you were viewing.


This means that if you're checking airfares and you go back to a previous Web site, the airfare search engine may return the exact results you looked at earlier rather than the newest results, because of the 'cookies'.


You can take care of this by clearing the cookies on your Internet browser each time you do a search. Just go to tools, Internet options, then delete the cookies, delete the files and delete the history.  This will delete your other cookies, files and sites that you've been to, which you may or may not want to do however. Get advice on this first if you haven't done it before so you don't delete anything you want to save.


Ask for the cheapest airfare deal. If you're calling the airline directly for tickets, ask for the cheapest airfare or their last minute flight deals if that's the case, not just the airfare for coach. There could, in fact, be a cheaper airfare that's in a better seat!


Fly on the off days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and sometimes Saturday are considered off days unless it's close to a holiday. If you can fly on those days, you'll be more likely to find a cheap airline deal.


Red-eye flights can mean great savings. Red-eye flights don't sell out as quickly as the other flights and therefore may have cheaper air fares. While the red-eye flight isn't the first choice of many travelers, it offers you an opportunity to sleep through the entire flight. And if you also go with a red-eye flight on an off day, you may find the cheapest airline deal possible!


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